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T.G. Stegall offers full service nationwide trucking and transportation for manufactured goods, refrigeration, waste management, and storage, plus service and repair of large trucks.

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T.G. Stegall is a nationwide trucking company looking for drivers to take advantage of all the benefits our company has to offer. We are a family owned trucking company that has been in business since 1950. Joining our team will open the door for great pay, excellent benefits and plenty of weekends to spend with your family. At T.G. Stegall, family is important to us because that is how we built our name, on the strength of family. Those looking for truck driving jobs in Charlotte, NC need to look no further for a quality place of employment. T.G. Stegall can offer flexible hours as well as local routes or other driver assignments that stretch across the country. We pay per mile at a competitive rates. Our transportation services offer full service trucking for manufactured goods, refrigeration and waste management. T.G. Stegall also specializes in the repair of large trucks. Of all the truck driving jobs in Charlotte, NC, there is one trucking company that stands out from the rest. T.G. Stegall is among the top trucking companies in Charlotte, NC and we have the resume, benefits and production to prove it. Improve your future by joining our family today.

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CDL Driving Jobs, CDL Truck Driving Jobs, Truck Driver Job, Trucking JobsAt T.G. Stegall, we are always on the lookout for new drivers to add to our team. We have an abundance of work so there is always the need for a new driver to join the T.G. Stegall family. Of all the Charlotte truck driver jobs available today, T.G. Stegall can compete with anyone in the business. There are a vast amount of benefits available to all of our drivers such as weekends off, safety bonuses, per diem allowance, stopoff pay and much more. Our requirements to become a driver cover areas of criminal record, one year of current verifiable commercial driving experience, as well as possessing a class ‘A’ CDL license. An exciting career at T.G. Stegall could bring you extra money and valuable time off. The benefits continue as our per-mile pay rate is among the best of any Charlotte truck driving jobs. Paid holidays and vacations also await your employment at T.G. Stegall. When it comes time to search through the long list of cdl truck driving jobs and mechanics jobs in Charlotte on the market today, look for the name that offers the most rewards and the best working experience. T.G. Stegall has been family owned and operated since 1950 and we are always searching for new drivers to become part of our trucking family.
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At TG Stegall Trucking, we are always looking for good drivers. We offer steady, year-round work with good miles, competitive weekly pay, health benefits, and paid holidays and vacations.

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The Checklist for Becoming a Truck Driver

Becoming a truck driver is unlike a lot of other professions as there is a lot to look forward to in a career behind the wheel of a large truck. However, the life of a trucker is not for everyone. Here is a checklist from T.G. Stegall Trucking Charlotte that can help prospective drivers looking to break into this profession.

Love of Driving

You could be behind the…

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The Benefits That Come With the Life of a Trucker

Driving a truck can be a very rewarding profession and there are a lot of perks that come with this type of employment. Here is a look at some of the benefits that come with CDL truck driving jobs.

Job Security

Every year, there is a growing need for trucker jobs, which means there is usually as much work as a…

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Hiring Younger Truck Drivers Can Prove To Be An Asset

There is no rule that dictates how old a person needs to be in order to obtain a CDL truck driving job, just as long as they are at least 18 years of age. There are some people who are all for hiring younger truckers while others are stoutly against it. Here is some insight on how younger truckers can prove the naysayers wrong.

Younger drivers naturally have more energy. Most new drivers are not bogged down by the stress and angst that comes with supporting kids, going through a divorce or worrying about how the next mortgage payment will be made. Therefore, younger drivers are often…

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Winter Tips For Truckers

The winter months can present a lot of obstacles on the road for truck drivers. That is why it pays to be prepared and here is a look at some useful tips that CDL truckers can use to their advantage during the winter months.

Watch for black ice
This can be very dangerous to anyone on the road, especially truckers. Black ice actually has a shine to it and can appear to look like a puddle of water. It often starts to form underneath overpasses as well as in spots that have a significant amount of…

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Benefits of Short Haul Truck Driving

Not every truck driving job has to stretch across miles and miles of highway. There are plenty of trucker jobs that do not even require the driver to leave the state. Here’s a look at the long list of benefits that comes with a short haul truck driving job assignments.

Truckers are more familiar with the local routes and roads they will take on a short haul. Traveling in a familiar area provides less stress and offers the ease of navigating through territory drivers already know. Many drivers are…

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Ways to Make Your Next Haul a Safer One

Mostly everyone who acquires a OTR truck driving job has learned all about proper safety protocol to take. However, there are lessons drivers can continually learn and safety skills they can constantly sharpen. Here are some helpful tips to making your next haul a safer one.

Always Be Watching

Short haul trucking jobs often require drivers to take the same route. While drivers may be very familiar with those routes, something could always change. Always be on the lookout for…

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Things to Know About the Truck Driving Industry

Getting into the trucking industry can provide a beneficial career for those looking for a life out on the open road. For new, veteran and potential drivers, here are some important things to know about the truck driving industry.
•    Full-time truck driving jobs are demanding as drivers are expected to log around 120,000 miles per year, which averages out to a little more than 2,300 miles a week. In a five-day work week, that comes to 460 miles per day.

•    The trucking industry’s origins are dated back to 1933 when the American Trucking Association was formed….

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Requirements Needed to Obtain a CDL

Most trucking jobs NC can be very rewarding. For the right person it can be a wonderful, life-changing opportunity but this career must be kicked off by obtaining a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). Acquiring a CDL is not as simple as making a few right hand turns or passing a basic driving test. There is a process involved as drivers must meet certain requirements, which are as follows.


Pass a physical

Drivers do not need to be able to run a marathon, although they will be expected to pass certain medical tests. For example, they will need to show they do not have sleep…

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The Best Places for Truckers to Stop For the Night

The reason why there is often a shortage of open spots at most truck stops is because of the constant growth of the trucking industry. More drivers are needed every year as the demand for the transportation of goods continues to grow. That means trucking companies like TG Stegall Trucking Co are always increasing their personnel, although truck stops are not running out to accommodate that growing demand

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The Realities of Truck Driving and Texting

Texting and driving is a serious problem that affects drivers of all kinds. Different states have different penalties for this violation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has also stepped in, imposing stiffer penalties for truck drivers who are caught texting while driving. T.G. Stegall Trucking Company in Charlotte shares some facts on the importance of safety on the road.

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Owner Operator Jobs Charlotte NC Owner Operator Job Hiring

Charlotte owner operator drivers may have a lot of questions that need to be answered when looking to obtain a job with T.G. Stegall. It only takes three to four days to begin driving once an application is filed. We concentrate on destinations up the east coast corridor as well as east of the Mississippi River. Two years of experience are necessary to join the T.G. Stegall family while we offer Peterbilt conventional air-ride trucks. Most of our drivers have weekends off and some even get the chance to go home mid week.

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Plenty of Opportunity for Women Truck Drivers

The life of a truck driver is one that is not just relegated to men. Women are also taking on truck driver jobs and making it their profession. The movement is growing as women are steadily settling in behind the wheel of a big rig. Here is some information from T.G. Stegall Trucking in Charlotte about the ongoing growing demand for more truckers. At the end of last year, the American Truckers Association estimated that there was a nationwide shortage of more than 47,000 truck drivers.

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How Truckers Can Stay Fit on the Road

Truck driving is not a job that offers unlimited physical fitness opportunities. In fact, it is just the opposite as truckers are confined to a seated position for much of the day. However, there are ways truckers can continue to stay fit while out on the open road. Here are some tips from T.G. Stegall Trucking Co. of Charlotte to keep fit on the road!

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CDL Truck driving jobs in Charlotte NC | T.G. Stegall Trucking

T.G. Stegall is a nationwide trucking company looking for drivers to take advantage of all the benefits our company has to offer. We are a family owned trucking company that has been in business since 1950. Joining our team will open the door for great pay, excellent benefits and plenty of weekends to spend with your family. At T.G. Stegall, family is important to us because that is how we built our name, on the strength of family.

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The Trucking Effects of Falling Fuel Costs

It does not take a whole lot of investigation to see that fuel prices are dipping in NC and  all over the country. That means paying less at the pump, which has an impact on both trucking companies as well as drivers. Here’s a look at some of the effects of falling fuel costs in the Charlotte trucking company industry.

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The Checklist for Becoming a Truck Driver

Becoming a truck driver is unlike a lot of other professions as there is a lot to look forward to in a career behind the wheel of a large truck. However, the life of a trucker is not for everyone. Here is a checklist from T.G. Stegall Trucking Charlotte that can help prospective drivers looking to break into this profession.

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5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Truck Drivers

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle when on the road is the most important part in a trucker’s life. It helps in boosting energy, reduce boredom and increase focus while driving. A trucking job may involve numerous days of driving that may easily cause any driver to neglect their health. But following a specific routine and taking care of your health should never be compromised. Here are a few healthy lifestyle tips for truck drivers.

trucking job

#1 Look What You Eat
Unhealthy eating habits and not eating at the right time may bring many ailments. Junk foods and carbohydrate-rich food are easily available in food junctions, but they do no good to your body. Such foods may make you sluggish and cause moodiness. You may feel sleepy and find yourself losing interest from your work. It is essential to eat nutritional food that boosts energy and maintains blood sugar levels. You may find such foods in superstores that are not only cheaper but also nutritional. Keep a bag of fresh and dry fruits with yourself for healthy snacking in between your meals.

#2 Stay Hydrated
Dehydration is commonly seen among truck drivers who drive for long hours in a go. It is important to ward off health issues that develop from dehydration. It may cause fatigue and reduce energy levels. Drink a good amount of water when you are driving to prevent dehydration and flush out toxins from the body. Avoid sugary beverages and drinks that may cause drowsiness. Carbonated drinks, when consumed on a regular basis may cause obesity and reduce your productivity.

#3 Sun Protection
Sun exposure is quite common in a trucking job. Even though you may not face direct sunlight, your skin may get damaged through ultraviolet rays that are present on cloudy days too. Most drivers in CDL driving jobs may get sun reflection through the snow, and therefore, you need to be extra careful while driving during daytime. The UV rays may cause irreparable damage to your eyes. It is best to invest in a protective eye gear while driving. Excessive exposure to the sun may lead to skin cancer. Therefore, use a good quality sunscreen lotion on all exposed parts of your body for a complete sun protection throughout the year.

#4 Sleep Better
A good night’s sleep in imperative for a better health. It will help the body and mind to relax and get ready for another day of struggle on the road. If you spend your entire day driving a truck, you may find difficulty in falling asleep. To overcome such issues, try scheduling bedtime at a specific time each night and stick to it. A sound sleep helps in increasing focus, boost the immune system and promote health.

#5 Exercise
Long hours of sitting in the driving seat may have a bad impact on your health. Before starting a day, include a few minutes of an exercising regime in your schedule. It is recommended to indulge into a physical activity like brisk walking, running or performing light exercises for at least 20 minutes a day to stay healthy.

Nowadays, trucking companies that are hiring truckers insist on maintaining a healthy lifestyle by following the above tips. Besides, preventing cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption is also useful in creating a good health. Maintaining personal hygiene and washing your hands before every meal to prevent diseases is also vital for the optimum health of truckers.

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